Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now

Tired Feet/Tired Shoes

Yes, these are the shoes I wore today and my feet are exhausted.  I spent the day implementing some big changes in the lives of my mother and stepfather.  They’re both 88 and we are having to move them to a new place that can provide the kind of care they need until end of life.  For those of my readers who haven’t had to do this, I surely hope you never have to.  It’s heart-breaking and yet I found myself “steeling” my psyche today to get the things done that needed to get done.  More questions than answers.

My stepfather, who is a former engineer and always wanting the facts, is now off in never-never land much of the time and it’s all happening so fast. My mother isn’t too far behind him in terms of her cognitive ability.  The good news is that at least they will be together until one of them passes on.

What have I learned?  Make it clear – crystal clear to your children/caregivers what you want for your end of life.  And we’re all going to get there.  No one escapes.  But hey, let’s all agree that while we’re still here we make the best of it.  What do you say?

Life is good.  Namaste.



  1. Most definitely agree! I sort know what you are going through cause my mom is 78 and she is little by little forgetting things. Its very hard to see that happen. I know that someday I will have to move back to Miami and take care of her. But I know what you mean is very hard to see theme go through that. I as well tell people, enjoy life and make the best of everything you do, cause one day we are here and the next we are gone!!! Hope things get better!!! I will have a prayer for both of theme.. Laz


  2. Wow! What a message Gina. I am sorry that all of this must be your responsibility. It is a sad situation and I applaued you for your strength and good attitude. Love and Prayers to all of you.


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