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Officially Finished

No I don’t mean the blog.  I have until December 31 for that.  What I mean is that our Christmas decorating is officially finished.  Hubby did a fabulous job on the outside and we put up a tree this year … first time in a long time.  Thirty days until Christmas.  Sure seems to be speeding by … or is it just me?

Hope your conclusion to the holiday weekend was a good one.  Someone asked me if I was going to shop the Black Friday sales.  My response was that I’d rather have a root canal.  Namaste’

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10 thoughts on “Officially Finished

  1. Kay Rolfe on said:

    Beautiful tree! Fake I hope. Black Friday? I would rather eat my own spleen.


  2. The tree is Beautiful!! Congrats on getting it up! We have yet to do it…I’m with you…Black Friday?…Just say NO!


  3. Lovely to hear there is a Christmas tree, when ours goes up it is a signal to me that Christmas is on its way… the problem is it just feels like yesterday that I put away all the decorations and now I must get them out again… they say time speeds up as one gets older… well in my case now I am getting frightened at the speed at which it is passing…


  4. on said:

    Is that your Tree? It looks fabulous, you two did a great job. Happy Holidays.


  5. Beautiful Tree Gina.


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